• Color of Autumn


    By telling my story in narrative short film Color of Autumn, I want to challenge people to consider the next time they see or hear hate speech, consider how it personally makes them feel and how the intended target of the word might be feeling. I do not believe hate speech will go away, but I do believe that this story of shattered innocence can appeal to that which is good in us all.


    I was that girl. My innocence was shattered when I was called the N-word and left alone on the playground by my new friends. But that old pain empowers me. I am putting truth to film and to paper and telling the story of multigenerational trauma in my Chicago family in my upcoming novel, The House on Union Street. In this narrative short film, Color of Autumn, which is a small part of the more sweeping story, I am rallying my allies to initiate a discussion within the classrooms of America. I want to move school administrations the way Ruby Bridges once did merely by being present where she rightfully belonged.


    Working with the child actors on our film made me wonder, how young is too young to discuss racism and hate language? I envision curriculum using the film as a means for engaging children to talk about empathy, how words hurt, and to show them that they have a choice and a voice to speak up. The recently published Anti-Racist Baby board book by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi would suggest it is never too early.


    I grew up on the Southside of Chicago after spending 5 years of my early life in Mobile, Alabama with my grandmother. I was born into a legacy of secrets and have fought to heal my heart and be an agent of truth, change and art for my children, grandchildren and my community.


    Throughout my employment history, human services have been at the core of my positions. Some of the industries where I've worked include higher education, financial services, corporate healthcare, and media management.

    I'm now a working writer and content creator. I'm putting the finishing touches on my autobiographical novel, The House on Union Street.

    Looking for Representation

    Constance Nicole is currently looking for literary and talent representation.