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    The level of compassion and understanding delivered in Color of Autumn is refreshing. The subtle distinctions of the Black family, as well as the impact of the negative effects of racism for both the protagonist and the antagonists tug at your heart strings. This is a film that is nourishing for all; digestible for young people and satisfying for those with an insatiable appetite for change.


    Joy De Michelle

    Sensitivity Coach, Actress, Teacher, Wellness Practitioner

    It's one thing to tell students about history; it's a whole other experience for them to relate to it. With visceral intimacy and
    vulnerability. Color of Autumn transports students to a pivotal moment in time and causes them to ask themselves, "Who would I be?" "How would I feel?" "What would I do?" This film forms a powerful foundation for reflection, learning, and growth. History and the present come alive for students in Color of Autumn.


    Erik Burmeister

    CA Superintendent and Educational Consultant

    I watched Color of Autumn, your excellent short film last night and just loved it. I too was 8 years old in 1966, living on the Southside of Chicago, and felt such empathy for the sweet girl experiencing racism. Your film can be a valuable tool for teaching kids today about kindness, fairness, empathy, and racism.

    Thank you for this powerful film.


    Susan Stone

    Parent Coach, Speaker, Author Real Kids, Real Parents, Real Talk

    Obviously, that was a truly special time we all shared together yesterday. Those are the moments I live for as a teacher: watching them make connections, demonstrate empathy and show incredible focus.


    Jonathan Zielinski

    4th-6th Grade Teacher

    Drummond Montessori School

    Chicago, IL


    I have to reach out to say how blown away I was The Color of Autumn. It isn't all that often that a story is so well crafted that it is very relatable, that it draws me in from the get go and makes me cry. Brilliantly structured. I have all kinds of empathy but I have to say that this film was unique in that even though it wasn't my story, it felt like my story. I hope everyone around the world sees this film.


    Roni Keller



    Color of Autumn is a poignant and riveting account of children expressing the divisiveness of racism likely learned in the home from their parents. After watching this thought-provoking and moving film, I reflected on how some things have changed in this country, yet others have stayed the same. The negative attitudes toward Blacks by many Whites have lingered and prevailed long after the heart-breaking event decades ago experienced by little Dottie on a playground one afternoon in Chicago; a place that is still one of the most segregated cities in America. I appreciate this stellar body of work being out in the world to create the opportunity for meaningful conversations to take place among the younger generations about race relations.

    Jennifer Dyan Ghoston

    Podcaster, Once Upon a Time in Adopteeland